Sakina 01-08 news

Finally a new image for Sakina.

2003 D1GP Katsuhiro Ueo - D'sift/Cusco Ae86

Finally complete.
The winning D1GP car driven by Ueo in 2003, complete with J-blood Aero kit, 14" TE37's, mis-matched bride zeta's and well... a whole bunch of other stuff.
Created originally by d18 design, completely remaked by me

I reamake a lot of thing, like light turn off, biggest spoiler, rays rims, sparco's interiers and other cool stuffs..


New sakina image

Oh i love that house, dewalk make it really lovely /(^o^)\
tofu's house of Initial D, yes, when sakina comes out everybody can drift like in the anime, but this time more better then old akina。

We wait august for sakina! just 2 week left, i think that nobody can wait to can play on it!

ps:thanks to Ankakashi for the image

Sakina news

Just pics for now


Only preview
Im working on
2003 D1GP Ueo - D'sift Ae86
1983 Sprinter Trueno Advan Kurata
1983 Sprinter Trueno Fujiwara Tofu(inital D)
1987 Sprinter Trueno Black Limited
1983 Sprinter Trueno Fujiwara Tofu
I finish 3 of 5 car.
But i have some problem to find and convert good wheel for this baby.

ps: what i make today

Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE87 Black Limited

My new AE87.
Originally it's a ae87 SR
But i change some thing;
the body, the light and the wheel, and create a new BLACK LIMITED edition.!
I really love it, it's my favourite car , especcialy this black edition ^^

Here some cool pics...

Please, dont ask me this car!