Nissan Silvia S15 ★ TOY ☆

Nissan silvia is an amazing car, everybody know that.
So for the 2nd time i remade it, this time with a really coool paintjob that i found at gameali forum, and then i've modified and adapted it, and a stock retro light.
The rims are from nfsps, and they aren't made for drift (i think) cause they are huge, but however, is great for drift aswell..
For the interior, i took some free part from SUB,which are amazing, so thanks sub!

How u can see, there are 2 neon version, ye, that neons are from mukku.Big thanks to 666hp to have taught to me how to put them.


Then 2 bonus(ahah) images, bigger than the other
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(^ _ ^)/~~サヨナラ

mitsubishi evo IX RB racing

This car was inspirated by the "DAZZ" evo of dangeruss, i was in love with that car! truly great!!
So i decided to made it, and this is the final product.

ps:There are 2 different paintjobs, one took from a photo, and the other one made by tony_sw..

This is the Reference...

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Toyota Trueno Bandoh : StageD

Guess who's back?
yea finally after long time im back here in my blog.
2 months are passed from the last time i've been here, in that long time i didnt made a lot of car.
I was occupied , and i spent my time with other thing, like drawing and designing..
As I've always said i don't love too much the modding, cause it takes me so much time,so i cant do anything else...
I have thought to quit,but that dont seems the better thing to do..
However i'll continue my work with modding, but not so often like in past..

About the trueno pack. ye that's my big problem... i've completed a lot of truenos, but i never had a time to show they out..
So, in the next weeks i'll show them out one at time..

Ok after this, here we go with 1 trueno, a fast project that i made long time ago..

This is bigger ,click to enlarge

Download? nope (^ _ ^)/~~サヨナラ