30.000 views!! : D

Wooa 30.000 views! actually when i began, i couldnt image that i will get so many visites! thats rock!
THANKS to all of you guys, that keep checking out my blog even if i kinda quit!
Thanks a lot!

Im actually out of gta, im not modding anymore, and i even havent any more time to spend on samp, or for playing gta..i always said that im too old for this shits (:
Besides, im not tottaly off, i still check out the blogs sometimes, and is always a pleasure see that my old modding friends, keep doing a great great job, making some crazy cars.. i've seen a lot of stunning convertions from juiced, they rock!gtasa is becoming amazingly cool mod after mod..sin that i cant join it anymore.

So, im kinda out, but im keep watching u guys, and im waiting for gta4 on pc!
For the rest im still on the idea to release all my old mods and cars, even if they suck compared to the brand new cars that people create..
Whatever, i hope, or im sure, that one day, when i'll got time, im gonna put for dowloand all, all my cars that i made in the whole gta time..so for the few persons that are still waiting that, keep wait, cause u will be satisfied!

Hmm what else? nothin..
Speedy, i keep checking out ur videos, is always cool to see them.
Erhabe, ur doing an excelent job with your cars, the 240 rocks! and your engine are fuckin great : )
Beto! how about u? havent see u in a while! how about photography? lol u got the camera?
Slick! ha my friend, ur are one of the few that in keep im contact..
And WTF happened with 1337 clan? damn its like we are all in, but? havent see any update from JJ from a looot.. someone explane me! 8:
Well i think i havent anything else to say.. oh just that if u're wondering why im not in msn anymore that could be cause: im actually busy everysingle day, with work and schooll, and 2nd cause i blocked most of you guys,again for time reasons..
So, im done.. hope u guys are all doing a great life!!!
Keep doing great mod. bay bay

ps: OH fuck i forgott, hha i've see the sangerspy youtube video. ROFL is amazing, hahaha, it must be showed to the whole world : D

Zeitgeist ADDENDUM!

Check out this guys.. and u will know whats going on with this world..