Dewalk's new trueno!

Ah, the new trueno vers 0.3 of dewalk are out!
it's a really great car!
check out it!

i remember 1 year ago when my first modding car was the dewalk trueno old version!
Ah pretty old times!

Mazda rx-7 RZ tuned nismo

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
What to say?
hmm nothin, my new (5 days ago) rx7, nismo tuned..
Nothin hard or biggest, just a simple and cool tuning method.
With red part and cool rims as always.

It's a great car, i drift really good with it.

here some photo

here with bloody, and some noobs in samp

here with my chinese friend XDman

And bla bla see ya next time

Evo VIII Drift machine

I make this car yesterday at school, with zmod, in the informatic hour ,lol :D
Nothin special, a normal tuning part from SpY3D, just a great paintjob..
And cool rims!

It's nothin special, just a drifting (and tuning) car.
I must, and i will make a better japanese drift evo 8

So see ya soon with the truenossss

GTA 90element MOD

Hii^^ just a new mod that i test

This MOD improves all the visual effects of the play, modifies the presence
civil and gangsta, opens the doors of the cities at the beginning of part, establishes
the radar and the chart in air photograph, improve the plants, increase
6 the number of the members gangsta of CJ, makes it possible to go up in the tram
from San Francisco, the tattooing of the AK replaces, changes some vetements, etc.

See ya next time!

ps: for the trueno give me some other time, to make it better...

NEW! honda civic update

Here we are back!
When i was on holiday i work little bit in zmod.
Then sometimes i go on sea^^

Ok, i make a new different bodykit for the civic, with the new Spoiler.
But first let me relase the first version.


And here the second and the better (imho)version of the body.


Enjoy and drive slow!:D