Today the gta mod world has change!
I wake up this morning, in my holiday house,and i fell that someone is different lol!!
I go on gtaworldmods and" holy shit"
sakina is out!

Its like so professional and cool!
10 start to this mod!
fucking awesome!

Dewalk make an awesome work!

The time attack is a totaly cool thing for the gta drifters!:O:O

So go to
gta worldmods and
If u dont have it, DOWNLOAD IT!
then ENJOY!
the best gta drift map EVER!

have fun and cyaa!

ps; to ankakashi:lol , your company is the best! see ya when i return! and we'll drift togheter! (:O:)


TO everybody!
Now i go on holiday, i take a little pause of my seek life!

see ya when i return!

bye bye

Honda CIVIC D1(?) tuned

This time i show what i make for a italian freaky friend (etnazz) O_o
I dont like too much the civic, so i try to make it pretties possible..
I add the skins, and the tuning body, then a biiig exausht, a spoiler and some other stuffs like always..

I'ts black in the photo, but the color is modifycable..
My friend want to put the d1go logo ( :/ ) cuz he love it..bah wherewer..

Stop talkin' and lets show some pics..

My next post will be about the rx-8 tuned..
so cyaa

SAKINA First video

Oh finally the first vid of sakina, maked by dewalk!

Guys that is awesome!and fucking realistic! exactly like in initial d!
And here we can see the new cool thing that dewalk put on it..
It's really big, biggest 2 or 3 time then akina!
And the threes have aamazing effect!

See ya next time space cowboys!

トヨタ・AE87 BLACK LIMTED prewiev

This days im working on a better version of a trueno black limited.
This version have the original gold rims, the little spoiler, and the amazing reflection.
Then i add some funny stuff in the interier, like the sigarette, the magazine ..

It's at 95% of done, so in a few day i will finish it..
I have some problem with the light, cuz i wanto to make the light likr in the zr350, up and down..

I think that it will be my best trueno work.

Sakina 03-08 news

Wow , this time dewalk show us the extra thing that he put on sakina!

In this image we see the"special scenary", it's a kind of stone of eva001, from the anime evangelion!
I love this choise, it's a cool thing, i hope that he put some other cool stuffs!

Sakina 02-08 news

Ijust post image for now.
later i'll put the description..