Moddable or not it's coming! : D

Bettys (beto) behavior now

OK i dont wanna talk shit about him like he like to do
just wanna say to all ppl who propapbly pass here to beware of him..
He lose all his best online friends.. he mess up with one of the greatest persons on gta community, erh4be and kmaccer.. now he messed up with me.. why?
cause he think hes the best in everything, and he can talk shit about ppl..

Look beto, i dont care about u, about u shitting life.. just LEAVE ME ALONE..
if ur life is based on making mod and think that u are professional(as u said) on make mod screens, ok, u are.. we dont care.. WE, the normal ppl, have a real life, real gfs, and we like to live us lifes in peace..

but let's see how everything happened:
I posted some great photos from DA, all those was about summer..
then he(betty) just came out saying, "ryo tell me all tools that porg(the author of those photos) has, i wanna buy them--
Now why the fuck u need the FUCKING same camera, same tools when u are a noob? is like if u buy a dodge viper, and u havent the license yet,and u cant even
BETO u want the same tools of porg ( and let me remember that u dont know nothin about those tools)cause u are a noobass kid, only kids when see sumthing cools say "mom i wanna it, buy me it.. weeeee".. right?

when i said that, u began to talk shit about me on gtamod world.. like saying that mimi made the truenos first, and that u found out the apex wheels for 1st..
the truth?
AT began i decided to make the truenos pack.. i made some of them, but they wasnt so cool.. after that i contected mimi, a great modder. and we diceded to make the truenos togheter.. after few days i said to mimi that im out of that project, just for time reasons,, i was always busy..
But the day before, i sended a great number of truenos to mimi..
Now i dont accuse him, i dont really care,is just for knowing, mimi began to make truenos, right after when i sended mine ones.. bah..

About wheels the same, im on gtapex community since 2006,(not singned in, but im surfed the forum usually).. so after some time i decided to convert some rims on gta, for my cars.. then i passed all the pack to beto.. he know that, but he had the balls to say that he was the first.. but what ever, ok beto u are the 1st.. the king lol.!

Now i deleted him.. we was kinda friends and i tought he was about cool.. but now,bah, he finally dissapear from my life--

Talk shit beto.. u like to do it
u accused me that i have invented the mangas. lol u see ppl? this is how betos brains works.. he tought that i inveted mangas, i just said to him that i make mangas story, comics stories, but on japanese way, so mangas.. but his brain tought that i said that i inveted mangas.. lol
He accused ME that i copy japanese ppl. YEA i do, i love them, i love japan, japanese culture.. but U piece of fag, U are the 1st one who copy this guy " ".. beto copied everything from him, cars, style. etc etc.. so dont accuse me if u're the 1st who do that.. dumbass
Then the last thing.. on photography.. i have photography experience. but i dont think that im the best one.. im not pro.. i just like to make photos.. my uncle is a professional photographer, and he taught a lot of thing..
Beto? i dont know if he have skillz, but a serios person dont kid other one like he do..
he said that he will buy the same tools of porg(the author of cool photos) and that he will pwn me on deviant art, and that he will be pro, and that he will earn money..all that in few time..
He also say that i'll copy my uncle.. lol what a pathetic shot.. lol

U see? beto is like that, he think that real life goes on like modding world, that u cant copy ppl, that can learn thing fast etc etc..
poor guy.. hope he'll get some real brain, and he will learn some better english--

Betty, it was cool with u,since u fucked me 1st time with skymod, and since the YT times, when u asked to everybody to subscribe u, but now fuck u, you don't know shit about me, why open ya mouth and discuss who the fuck I am

Cya guys