Hot street nismo tuned R32

This is my favourite car(after the 86), a nissan r32 hot street tuned!
I start to work on it 2 weeks ago, and i spend a lot of time.
I change everything:

The paintjob
All the interior
The wheels
the light(add the crystal light)
all the windows
front and rear bumper
ans other stuffs

I use a greg paintjob, it's really great and cool!
The wheels are really cool, perfect for drift!
I dont change the spoiler, cuz the stock spoiler is better than other for it..

it's really perfect car for drift and race.
it's stable and really fast in the corner part!
On sakina goes very good!



the cool interior

I never loved the cops!

I left to complete the s15 angel
and the tuned r30(for neal)
so i need more time to complete it!

ps: the blogs have 5000 wievs!
im so glad of that, so THANKS a lot to everybody for the support!

Devil SILVIA s15

Oh whell, this is the most tunable car of gta.
Nissan silvia s15
Every modder have one.

I make this absed on the pio's s15
I call it DEVIL cause i also make a ANGEL s15

So this is the red and the other is white(u'll see)
I take off the spoiler,
make new reflcetion,
add other exaust,
add roof,
change the front bumper,
change the wheel,
and remake the interior..

I't really good for driftin on sakina and on the "dust"

here a photoshop work, just change the paint color.


Hot anime tuned SUPRA [ °>° ]

Rofl,i make this car really fast.
1:Just put togheter the tuning part
2:Remake some tuning part (like front and rear part)
3:Add the stuff(exaust,window,paintjob etc)

It's a long and fast car,also, it have a anime paintjob, and that make it coolest..

Nothin other to say..


→FnF HONDA S2000 →→

The famous s2000 for the patetic film fnf2
I make it this summer, when i was boring.

Just add some stuffs, and make new reflection and wheels.

Beach tuned SUZUKI Bellet

This time i present a cool car,suzuki bellet(by gosuke), and i remake it for beach use.
I put it a great stuffs like guitar(stratocaster) ,a wii controler and a magazine, then a japanese bike.
Also i cut off the head of the car, and now is cuopè..

It's a little sweety car

ps:Alla credit for the original model goes to gosuke.

Writer Mazda RX-8 tuned

Ok here we are finally:

Let's start with a rx8 that i make 3 months ago.
It was a test, just for trying some shit zmodeler.

see ya really soon (°>°)

Busy busy busy

Oh, this last 2 weeks i was sooo fuckin busy, with school and some other troubleshit..
Im sorry guys, you have wait a lot for truenos and nothin 4 weeks
But now i take a lil more time for modding and i'll certanly finish the trueno pack this week or weekend.

Then i'll also relase a lot of new car that i make along time ago

Devil tuned s15
Beach tuned suzuki bellet
Street supra
Tuned rx8
Fnf s2000
Tuned r30

and my last work
Hot street tuned r32

Now, i must relase all of that, but the problem is always the time.
So i hope that i'll have it to relase and complete the truenos and finall finish this story..

Thanks to all , and see ya really soon
ciao ciao