Nissan s15 240sx

How to call this car im not totaly sure, is not a sil80, but is kinda special edition. bah however, let call her "Nissan".
This model was made by clubth, and when i saw it i said, omg what cool mod! yea is pretty cool, really nice for drifting.
But when i saw it ingame, i didnt like the wheels and other lil things, so i just did a fast modify.
Take a look, and click on iamges to enlarge it.

Some shots from samp
Here with minwar and james, underground drifts : D

Here with Dmoney : D

This map, how most of u know, is the "alien city" total convertion, and its THE MOST AMAZING total convertion for gta that i've ever seen.
So today i decided to take the photo in that map.
Here, i was driving around and i found one of the stadiums ,called "dead ring", hmm sounds cool i've said, and look what i've found in

There was a lot of cars that were driving, and after some laps, i've found an interesting thing

Those cars were drifting : D: D i was so fuckin surprised.
Ok, that is not a perfect drift, but is so similar, and so funny : D, cause they crashed all the time..hhahhaha

Quite amazing : D
i had a lot of fun in there.

And here the nissan for you.

All the credits for the original car version goes to ClubTH

Nissan s13 Dorifto

Which are the most beautiful drift cars?
The d1gp, and? the simple tuning cars!
So, here my first s13. Was made by Clubth, and like the s15 is really cool, almost amazing :D but as always, i was forced to change something.
So take a look here too.
New reflection, new drift wheels, new rear spoiler, and thats it.
The car of before was so cool, so i didnt make any big changes.

What amazing places

(^ _ ^)/~~サヨナラ

Keisuke FD3s

This time a really faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast post.
Its the Keisuke FD from supralover, a nice mod, that i've changed, nothin else that the wheels.
Here u go


Some days ago i decide finally to try to make a campanature for the gta wheels.
I tought i must do that in zmod, but then i found on a japanese site, that is all about handling setting.
And after some test i've made this :D
Take a close look to the rear wheels

This is just a little going to work a lot on it, but is really nice so far..