Drifter-girl is a lier faggot

Well well well, time to pwning
Most of you guys know "drifter girl"
She or he, lets call him a faggot, so this faggot, told to us that he is a girl, from italy, 18 years old etc etc
Then the faggot added me in msn, and after few days of cool talking i tought that he really was a girl, and i began to trust her.. he sent me a photo, kinda nice girl, but then nothin.
But i MADE a big mistake, i gave her the r32... and then just after few days, half modders on planet has it.. what the FUCK?

so, i began to search somethin about her, cause i tought that she was the one who have shared the r32..i found the old italian forum of gta, "gta-series" where i am signed since 2006, and i found that she has a account.. so drifter-girl on that forum is "mtd_64"
There too, she said to all ppl that she's a girl, and other shit, BUT SHE BEGAN TO KIDD ALL OF US.
She posted a lot of topic where she said that he made some cars, but those cars are from other modders like fruimartini, like club, like sharan etc etc


1st: http://www.gta-series.com/it/forum/index.php?showtopic=74179&hl=
here she said that she made the r34 veilside from "iwaskyoko" and the 350z of "fruitmartini"..

2nd: http://www.gta-series.com/it/forum/index.php?showtopic=73500&hl=
here she think that i made this car with her,, loool

3rd http://www.gta-series.com/it/forum/index.php?showtopic=70604&hl=
Up there the BEST, she said that he made all the cars of CLUBTH, lool, what a faggot, and shes still saying that she made it

4th http://www.gta-series.com/it/forum/index.php?showtopic=72785&hl=
again here she said that he made this car with aza_drift.. hmm

and then a lot of other topics and shits

She think that she work togheter with club, sharan, with fruitmartini etc etc..
if u have his email DELETE IT, fuck him/her!

New map: ROKKO

A week ago, i found this map, on a japanese friend site.
Its called rokko, is pretty cool!
Is a huge map across all the san andreas state, is perfect fro meetings and drifting in samp, so when i noticed that many people still havent it, i decide to relase it here.--.

Take a look on the Ryosuke's site, is cool!and then download rokko

Goodbye youtube

I just came from school, and as usually i made my tour of my fav sites, and one of those is youtube. I just got in and damn, they have deleted it, my account... fuck
I've been on youtube for almost 2 years, i had some cools videos, most of those was copyrighted, and that's the reason.. fucking democracy... they first begin with deleting all my japanese/anime video, then they deleted me...

Just to remember for the last time, i had a lot of fun on yt, with all those cools videos from all of u guys, and now im just like the great erh4be, with no youtube.. but no problems, im gonna make another one...


Those are the last screens that i took of YT channel :(

damn i had 67° most viewed japanese director channel, gta tokyo drift(sucking drift) was on almost 200.000 views, and "one more time, one more chance" video was over 500.000 views.... and the fuckers of youtube have deleted it...

thanks to all those people who supported me on youtube, thank you:)
now i must reastart fro 0...